Just who are you and why should I care what you say?

Well, I can answer the first question, you'll have to make up your mind on the second.

First and foremost, if you found this site, you likely have visited or want to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  If not, you probably have no idea what this EPCOT thing is and are visiting a site which will not interest you in the slightest.  

I'm not a "guy with connections".  I have no inside information whatsoever that is any more or less reliable than your <internet search tool of choice> can return to you in a much more succinct fashion.  Not saying I wouldn't love to have some inside connections (if you are a person who knows people, HOOK ME UP), but at the moment, I know nothing more or less than your average person obsessed with Walt Disney World.

What I am though, if I might toot my own horn here a little, is someone who understands EPCOT Center, what it was, and what it is now.  I'm a relatively smart person who spends way too much time thinking about Walt Disney World and Epcot. 

I'm a data person by trade, so there may be some crudely made charts and graphs if I have any real numbers to present.  I try and objectively judge things based on evidence and not speculation or anecdotal evidence.  Not that I'll never fall prey to speculation, or won't ever provide anecdotal evidence on my own, but I'll try to keep these from being the only basis of forming my opinion.  I work with a bunch of scientists, so more and more I'm looking for facts, trying to weed out bias, and just in general try and find the truth of a situation.