Horizons. A love letter.

Horizons.  A love letter.

The Disney Parks Blog this week has really been trolling me, and other lovers of Epcot Center.  There was the 13 reasons we still love Horizons, the Advice on the future from 80s Epcot, and the Horizons quiz.  They then fired a personal attack highlighting Kitchen Kabaret, which had to be targeted directly at me.  It HAD to be.  I’m the dude that spent hours last year drawing characters from Kitchen Kabaret to make my own personal T-shirt to wear specifically at WDW.  Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit 4 Life!

Anyway, sidetrack.  The Disney Parks Blog seems to be poking the stick at us grumpy original Epcot fans, there have been questions bouncing around akin to: “Is Disney bringing back Horizons?” (spoiler, no).  I think that it makes it as good a time as any to talk a little about what is mostly seen as Epcot Center’s prized jewel, Horizons.

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